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New opening date: 333 days left

Dear friends!


We are currently planning the new barn/arena and are getting some great drafts and ideas together.

Due to the recent fire, we have moved the opening date of the ranch to:


JANUARY 1st, 2017


Until then, there is still a lot to do, but we are making good progress and can't wait to welcome our first guests at the ranch. The RV sites will be built in May and we will also choose our two Alpaca-Mamas for the ranch!


We have already received some reservations for 2017 - so don't wait and make your reservation today!


The Wettstone-Family




Barn fire

Unfortunately we have some bad news for you today. Last week our barn burnt down to the ground. We do not know what caused the fire. No people were harmed but some of our renter's animals were not able to escape the flames. We feel very sorry for their owner and wish her a lot of strength after the loss of her 4 legged friends.


We are currently looking around for ideas and possibilities for a new barn and riding/agility arena and will keep you all posted on the progress.


We would like to send out a big thank you to the people that are supporting us and the animals of our renter. Also we appreciate the effort of the fire department, police and ambulance during that night.


The Wettstone Family


Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great start into the new year and wish you and your Family all the best for 2016! See you soon?


The Wettstone Family


The tack room

The tack room was a pretty dusty mess and there were a couple of mice running around in the leftover food, so Valaurie spent many hours cleaning all the tack and getting the room ready to be used.


Less trees, new plants, more colour, and new paths... getting things ready.

Lakeview before
Lakeview before


The outhouse of the Trapper's Cabin got some new paint too, and now shines in sage green.

Lakeview after
Lakeview after


We have been working on getting the ranch ready for our guests the last couple of weeks  Martin and Diana bought some new trees and berries which were planted, critter-proofed with fencing,, and are ready to grow. Some of the big trees at the lakefront got taken down to clear up the view and Valaurie has been working on the path that leads down to the lake.

There's a lot more to do, but we'll keep you posted on the progress....


Jack and Jill joined our Family in January 2017 :-)

Welcoming 5 new herd members in February 2017

What a fun weekend!
We were at the Interlakes Outhouse Race doing sleigh rides with Jack and Jill
Great food, beautiful ice sculptures, innovative outhouses, kids and adults enjoying the sleigh rides and a lot of laughing
Everyone had a great time!


There has been a moose on the Ranch for the last couple of days!                  What fascinatig animals